Discover ancient Rome

If you want a perfect holiday in one of the most exciting cities in the world, choose TriviHo. Our Luxury Hotel is right in the city centre, a few steps away from Fontana di Trevi and other incredible monuments. We’re waiting for you, come and see

Itinerario suggerito per scoprire la città da Triviho Luxury Hotel
Suggested itinerary to discover the city

The Colosseo, a wonder of the ancient world

Anfiteatro Flavio, also known as Colosseo, is one of the seven wonders of the world, the symbol of power of the Roman Empire and the biggest roman amphitheater in the world. It’s right in the city centre and you can’t ignore its majestic beauty. Built in 10 years by order of the emperor Vespasiano, it’s a fantastic monument of great historic and engineering value.

It used to host games, fights between animals and gladiators and reenactments of battles, but all emperors used it mainly to show their power. It could house up to 50.000 people: if you want to visit it we suggest to book and buy your tickets in advance, in order to avoid long queues. If you’re looking for more remains of ancient Rome, check out Foro Romano and Colle Palatino.

The Foro Romano, the center of public life in ancient Rome

The Foro Romano is an interesting archeological area, a symbol of the political, economic and administrative heart of ancient Rome. It used to host the biggest institutions in politics, religion and trade, public buildings that represented power. You can still visit the remains of temples dedicated to Vespasiano and Tito, or the temple of Antonino Pio and Faustina.

You can also see the monumental arc of Settimio Severo (230AD), Velia’s Basilica and other monuments built to commemorate victories in battle. The last monument built in those times is the column dedicated to the bizantine emperor Foca. After the fall of the empire the area was abandoned and destined to other uses, but the excavations in the year 800 brought these remains back to us.

We suggest to visit them with the help of a guide and to book your tickets online, in order to avoid long queues. You can also buy a single ticket valid for Colosseo, Foro Romano and Colle Palatino.

A Suite Glass at TriviHo

For your holiday in Rome choose our best accommodation, the ideal solution for a comfortable, elegant stay, in finely decorated environments enriched by original paintings. Our Suite Glass features a double bedroom with maxi headboard, a living area with coffee table and armchairs, a private bathroom with double sink and a fantastic freestanding tub, a wide cabin shower and all the comforts you need for an unforgettable stay.

The Suite Glass has a wide glass window, facing the historical via Barberini, that lets natural light inside the room. We offer our guest a healthy and varied buffet breakfast in the lobby, our elegant living room. Here you’ll find the classic Italian breakfast and a fantastic continental breakfast.

If you’re traveling by car, our structure has a conventioned private parking. If you’re traveling by train or plane, we offer a transport service to and from the main stations and airports in town. For any other request, please reach out and contact us.