In Rome to discover Musei Vaticani

Some useful tips about what to see and how to explore on of the best museums in the world. The starting point is TriviHo Design Hotel, the best choice to discover the eternal city

Itinerario suggerito per scoprire la città da Triviho Luxury Hotel
Suggested itinerary to discover the city

The charm of Cappella Sistina and Musei Vaticani

The Sistine Chapel, dedicated to the Pope who commissioned it, Sisto IV in the year 1477, mixes art and religion. Michelangelo’s frescoes, painted between the end of 1400 and the first years of 1500, made this place immortal. The most renowned frescoes are the Creazione, on the central volta, and the Giudizio Universale, behind the altar.

Its a unique place, part of the complex Vatican Museums, a museum with one of the biggest art collections in the world, with pieces collected by popes across the centuries: paintings, statues, frescoes known all over the world. Each year millions of visitors come to admire timeless art in areas like Stanze di Raffaello, Galleria delle Carte Geografiche, Giardini Vaticani, Cortile della Pigna or Pinacoteca, which houses the work of Raffaello, Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto and Perugino.

We suggest to buy online your tickets, in order to avoid long queues, and to visit the museums together with a guide.

Saint Peter’s Basilica and its treasures

The center of catholicism, the biggest church in the world, the most important papal basilicas, a sacred place visited by millions of believers from all over the world. The Basilica was built on top of the grave of the apostle Peter, crucified after the persecution of the emperor Nerone and the fire that devastated Rome.

The first construction happened in 318, by order of emperor Costantino: it was the beginning of a long history of abandonment, destruction and renovations, until Pope Giulio II decided to entrust Donato Bramante with the project of the basilica as we know it today.

The church is enriched by the work of artists like Raffaello, Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Della Porta, Fontana, Canova, Donatello and many more. The majesty of the basilica’s dome and its three aisles is completed by the incredible outside arcade that symbolically welcomes all visitors. This is a place where faith and art meet, and it will give you incredible emotions.

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