Marvel at Rome’s beauty

Take your time and discover the beauty of the eternal city slowly: the Sistine Chapel, Piazza San Pietro, the Pantheon are waiting for you. You’ll need a few days to see them all, so book at TriviHo, the perfect position to start moving around town

Itinerario suggerito per scoprire la città da Triviho Luxury Hotel
Suggested itinerary to discover the city

Musei Vaticani, a journey through beauty

Musei Vaticani are one of the biggest museum complex in the world. Founded five centuries ago by order of pope Giulio II, it houses incredible and important art pieces, held in buildings, palaces and gardens that are works of art themselves.

Here’s some of the pieces you don’t want to miss: the Lacoonte group, statues inside the Cortile Ottagonale, a masterpiece of classic sculpture; the four rooms dedicated to Raffaello; Stanza della Segatura, the study and library of pope Giulio II, inside Palazzi Apostolici. And of course the Sistine Chapel, with the incredible frescoes made by Michelangelo (like Giudizio Universale and the Creazione).

We suggest to buy your tickets in advance, in order to avoid long queues on entrance and have more time to admire these masterpieces.

The Pantheon, an emotion you don’t want to miss

The Pantheon is the temple of all gods, built to celebrate the divinities of past, present and future, as Agrippa ordered inn 27BC. It’s an incredible engineering work, with the biggest dome in the world built with amazing techniques. At the center there is the 9 meters wide window, the only source of natural light in the building.

In 609AD the Pantheon became the basilica of Santa Maria ad Martyres, still used as a church (please respect its rites when inside). You don’t need a ticket to visit Pantheon, but you may want to find a guide to discover its incredible story.

To discover Rome book at TriviHo, an elegant Luxury Hotel

TriviHo, our elegant Luxury Hotel, is right in the city centre and close to its main touristic attractions, the perfect place for an unforgettable stay in Rome. Its position makes it perfect to move easily around town: you can reach the center with a walk, or use the bus and subway stops right by the structure.

All our accommodations offer all the comfort and relax you may need. All rooms are furnished with care and attention to details, with a unique style. If you’re traveling with your family, the ideal solution is our Family Room, composed by two communicating rooms that can transform in an apartment. It features two double beds (a baby cot is available on request), two bathrooms with shower cabin and a relax area.

Breakfast is served in the lobby, our living room, where you’ll find a varied selection of savory and sweet dishes. For any information or request please contact our staff: book your stay in Rome at TriviHo, we are waiting for you!