Must-see places in Rome

For you next holiday in Rome we suggest some walking itineraries, the perfect way to discover the monuments and symbols of the city slowly, staying in the city center at TriviHo

Itinerario suggerito per scoprire la città da Triviho Luxury Hotel
Suggested itinerary to discover the city

Pantheon, the temple of all gods

Built as a temple dedicated to all gods, as ordered by Marco Agrippa in 27BC, the Pantheon is (together with Colosseo) the monuments that represents Rome all over the world. It is a perfect architectural structure: its height equals its diameter, a circle, a symbol of perfection and harmony.

Its huge dome has a round window in the center, 9 meters wide and the only entrance for light of all the building, built accounting complex astronomical calculations. During summer solstice, at noon, the sun projects a perfect circle inside the Pantheon, a unique and suggestive spectacle.

In 609AD the Pantheon was consecrated by Pope Bonifacio IV, and it became the basilica of Santa Maria ad Martyres. It’s still used as a church, and you want to respect its rules during your visit.

Fontana di Trevi, the most famous fountain in Rome

Fontana di Trevi is the biggest monumental fountain in the world, an impressive work with a long and fascinating history. It has been remade multiple times, and the version we see today is the result of the renovation that pope Clemente XII ordered to the architect Nicola Savi in 1731.

In the middle of the fountain there’s the statue of the god Oceano, with its shell-shaped carriage pulled by two winged horses: one is young and agitated, the other is older and calmer. The scene is completed by two statues that represent abundance and health.

After your visit, remember to turn your back and throw a coin inside the fountain, it will bring you good luck and back to Rome.

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