Staying in the center of Rome for a romantic getaway

If you are searching for an exclusive, elegant, and well-designed place to stay, Triviho is the best solution for you.

Colosseum and surroundings – Roma

Choose the elegance and the beauty of a Made in Italy style Boutique Hotel

Elegant spaces, a relaxing atmosphere, selected pieces of art to decorate the interiors, unique pieces of antiques, and contemporary design. All of this is the essence of this place. Our guests will be able to have a pleasant and relaxing experience here. Our suites will make you feel at home.

By decorating the bathrooms with multi-coloured marbles, choosing warm wallpapers, creating a comfortable living area, and selecting a large headboard we want to guarantee our guests the best experience. Our suites are the best solution for all the most demanding travelers. Here you can enjoy your break and relax.

Discover with your loved one of the most romantic Italian cities

In the eternal city you can experience with your lover a real journey into history and ancient art. Thanks to the central location of Triviho you will be able to easily reach one of the most famous wonders in the world, the Colosseum. Also called the Flavian Amphitheatre, this iconic place was the biggest stadium in ancient times, where Romans could witness fights between gladiators and animals. The Colosseum has a perimeter of 527 meters and it has a capacity of 50.000 spectators. It is interesting to know that this is where the first lifts were ever built!

Through a freight elevator, it was possible to connect the basement with the arena and surprise the audience with the arrival of new animals and gladiators. The Colosseum is, without any doubts, the emblem of the city of Rome and for centuries it represented the power of the Roman Empire.

Useful information for your romantic getaway

We are always glad to share all the important information or useful suggestions with our guests to help them make the best of their trip in Rome and not waste even one minute of their time. If you wish to visit the Colosseum, the emblem of Rome, we can book for you the entry tickets and skip the queue.

You might find this very useful as usually the waiting time is quite long. We can also suggest you the best local restaurants, from the most simple to the most elegant one, or even the best places to get a delicious pizza.