Personality and style in the intimate luxury of our boutique hotel near the colosseum

Visit one of the seven wonders of the modern world, the Flavian Amphitheatre most commonly known as the Colosseum, the symbol for excellence of Rome. Together with your partner between gladiators and ancient atmospheres.

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Colosseum – Rome

Wonder and amazement in a boutique hotel

The ideal place to live in couple some unforgettable days, at the Triviho Luxury Hotel, excellent starting point, in the central Via Barberini. Whether you love to walk or walk around comfortably by metro or bus, with short trips, you can reach the wonders of the city. Our Suite, for the most demanding customers, offers accommodation with meticulously chosen furnishings.

From the precious Italian polychrome marbles of the bathroom furniture, to the upholstery of the living area, to the maxi headboard of the bed. In addition to the wide range of services already available, you will have the opportunity to ask our qualified staff for extra services.

The Colosseum: the heart of the eternal city

The most imposing and famous monument of Ancient Rome, used mainly for celebratory events and for the amusement of the people, the capital of the ancient world. An imposing work, the largest stadium of antiquity where there were fights between gladiators, hunting scenes with exotic and ferocious animals, reconstructions of battles, all to amaze and surprise the viewer.

An avant-garde engineering work, with a complex system of special effects, equipped with underground elevators, hatches, ramps and traps that suddenly appeared on the scene surprising the audience. A unique work, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Visiting it you will be surprised by its evocative atmosphere, try to imagine, what you could feel while sitting on one of its bleachers, watching bloody battles and spectacular battles!