A delightful boutique hotel a stone’s throw from the trevi fountain

For a romantic couples holiday , a few days to discover and admire the beauty of the eternal city starting from the nearby Trevi Fountain. Throw the coin and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of Rome.

hotel fontana di trevi

Trevi Fountain – Rome

Discover the excitment of staying in a boutique hotel

At the Triviho Luxury Hotel you can treat yourself to intimate moments surrounded by a unique environment, where the sober and elegant lines of the twentieth century building will welcome you to lead you into environments dominated by art and luxury. Our Glass Suites feature a large window overlooking the historic Via Barberini, a bathroom area with a must-see freestanding tub, to give you moments of pure relaxation. Our rooms are equipped with excellent room service, but if you wish, you can ask our staff for extra services, we will try to fulfill all your requests.

Rome an open-air boutique

The central location of our Luxury hotel will allow you find the treasures of the city within short walking distances. We are very close to Palazzo Barberini, a splendid baroque building that now houses the Galleria d’Arte Antica, which contains 1,400 works by great artists such as Tintoretto, Titian, Caravaggio and many others. At the center of the square there is the magnificent Triton Fountain built by Bernini in 1643 and the smallest fountain of the Bees, also built by Bernini.

Continuing on foot, you will easily reach the majestic Trevi Fountain, one of the most famous fountains in the world and certainly one of the most recognized symbols of Rome. Its ancient history, created in 19 BC by M. V. Agrippa, has changed over time, the most impressive work dates back to 1732, when under the guidance of the architect Nicola Salvi, the most important artists of the time embellished it with impressive marble statues. The central one represents Oceano at the helm of a chariot pulled by two winged sea horses led by Triton. A young Triton pulls a rabid and restless horse and on the other side a mature Triton pulls a peaceful and tame horse. On either side of the large central niche you can admire two statues, one representing Health and the other Abundance.

They were inaugurated on May 22, 1762. Since then the fountain has become one of the most famous symbols of Rome and you shouldn’t escape the tradition of throwing of a coin over your head with your back to the fountain and your right hand to the left shoulder, as a good omen for a return to Rome. We are waiting for you!