As a couple in the intimacy of our art & design hotel to experience unique emotions walking between the colosseum and the roman forum

Give yourself time to spend with your sweetheart in one of the most romantic cities in Italy, Rome. A city of timeless charm, able to give you breathtaking views and evocative atmospheres.

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Colosseum – Roma

Holidays in an art & design hotel

At the Triviho Luxury Hotel you can choose between different rooms, all equally capable of offering you quality, style and top services. For the most demanding travelers, our suites will give you a stay in elegant, relaxing and refined environments. A

quiet living area, with armchairs, chaise longues and coffee tables to take a short break and allow yourself moments of relaxation. Alternatively, you can stop in our refined lounge, lobby and sip an aperitif or a cocktail at the lounge bar.

Together in the largest amphitheatre of antiquity

An imposing, grandiose work could hold up to 70000 spectators, its arena, enormous was the place where the splendor and grandeur of the Roman Empire were flaunted. Three floors with 80 enormous arches adorned with imposing statues, with a veil on the top, a huge cover of sheets to protect the spectators from the sun. The Colosseum, built in just ten years, has survived for two thousand years.

Here you could see bloody shows, fights between animals, between man and animal, lions, bears, leopards, reconstructions of battles, execution of criminals. The place symbol of the empire, used by the emperors to secure popular consent and grant panem et circenses! When the emperor Titus inaugurated it, the games lasted 100 days. Continue your walk in the imperial splendor, walk along Via dei Fori Imperiali, visit the Roman Forum, religious, political, judicial and commercial center, beating heart of ancient Rome. Arches, Temples, Columns built to honor, commemorate and remember emperors.

A little curiosity you can also see the remains of the Migliario d’oro, the starting point of all the roads that branch off into the Empire. All roads lead to Rome, follow yours!