Choose our boutique hotel from here you can start your personal tour to discover the wonders of rome, starting from the nearby piazza navona

If you plan to spend a few days as a couple in an Italian city choose Rome. You will be enchanted by its ancient charm, its monuments, its spectacular squares.

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Piazza Navona – Rome

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The most roman of the roman squares: piazza navona and its fountains

Piazza Navona has always been a place of meeting and games, Domitian in 86 AD. had a stadium built there for athletics. In fact agones, in Latin means precisely games. In the past centuries, to give relief from the summer heat, the three fountains were drained to allow the water to flood the square, creating a lake. The custom was suspended in 1866 by Pius IX, for hygienic reasons.

The current appearance of the square is due to the Pamphili family, who in 1600 commissioned the greatest architects of the time to celebrate the greatness of their family. At the centre of the square is the Fountain of the Rivers by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, where four white marble statues, representing the four great rivers known at the time, the Nile, the Ganges, the Rio delle Plata and the Danube, support an enormous obelisk. In front of it you can admire the splendid church of Sant’Agnese designed by Borromini.

Piazza Navona has always been one of the favourite squares of the Romans, a place dedicated to fun and entertainment, a meeting place for pleasant walks or simply to sit and admire the baroque beauty. Loved by the people and the aristocrats, artists and painters, sipping a coffee while sitting at the tables of one of the many bars along the sides of the square is a must, maybe one evening, in summer, is really magical.