Stay in our boutique hotel for a unique and rare experience to discover the imperial holes

A perfect weekend to immerse yourself in the millenary history and charm of ancient Rome. A simple walk, among its monuments and archaeological sites, will revive the charm of the imperial age.

hotel fori imperiali

Imperial holes – Rome

A boutique hotel not to be missed

In an elegant 20th century rationalist building, you will find a unique hotel, the Triviho Luxury Hotel. Here you can stay in beautiful Deluxe Rooms, accommodation designed to combine rest, wellness and luxury without excess. The room has a private bathroom, embellished with polychrome marble. The room is also equipped with an area to relax, with coffee table and nice armchairs.

In the lobby, our elegant lounge, breakfast is served from 7.30 am to 10.30 am, and throughout the day, you can enjoy everything you want at the lounge bar with the formula honesty bar.

A walk through the grandeur of the imperial holes

The archaeological area of the Imperial Forums is located in the heart of Rome, you can visit the places where the Roman civilization was born and developed, an ancient area but in continuous evolution, thanks to continuous excavations that bring to light the stratifications of time and past events.

A great administrative, commercial and religious centre, the place of Roman public life. Among arches, temples and columns, you will relive the charm and grandeur of ancient Rome. You can start from the Caesar Forum, where the great emperor had a large square built in his name inaugurated in 46 BC.

Continue with the visit to the Basilica of Maxentius through the Forum of Augustus. Arriving at the last forum, that of Trajan built between 107 and 113 BC. a large complex in which you can see the remains of Trajan’s markets and the famous Trajan’s Column, a unique work on whose shaft, starting from the bottom up you can see a continuous bas-relief and helical 200 meters long, built to celebrate the conquest of Dacia by Trajan. These are just some of the fascinating works that you can see, walking, without haste in the Imperial Forums.